Jorge Camarero

music for media


Epic Orchestration

Hybrid Cinematic

Games, Films & other media genre.                


Highest standard in Music creation, with last sample libraries and the best gear in studio equipment.

Knight's Departure - Jorge Camarero
Air Strike - Jorge Camarero
ADRASTEA - Jorge Camarero
Follow the Mist - Jorge Camarero
They Came form Above - Jorge Camarero
Fight Them Now! - Jorge Camarero
Pathway Through the Darkness I - Jorge Camarero
Pathway Through the Darkness II - Jorge Camarero

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Insight - Jorge Camarero
The Edge - Jorge Camarero



This space has been created with the intention of being a sample of music composed and produced for commercial purposes. The character of the pieces you can hear is a sign of the current trends in the genres that largely occupy the Multimedia Universe (video games, TV, movies ...)

Among these, video games especially attract my attention. It is a genre on the rise, and in my opinion the future ultimate multimedia experience, where the audience will live immersed on great cinematography screenplays where they can interact with the environment being part of the story.

It’s been for some years already that video game music has been part of big productions, and in many cases valuable creative works done by very competent composers.

Still being commercial music, hopefully with pass of time and the evolution of the genre, quality standards are maintained and can move the research and development effort that has academic music.

I come from a profile of modern and classical music. Besides soundtrack, I’m interested in music as a metaphysical and anthropological phenomenon. I hope to continue studying and developing my own ideas. If you're curious about other types of music stay tuned to my blog, I'll upload samples of exercises and compositions where I explore other trends or musical systems.